Styling Tip's

& Frequently

asked questions

Look exceptional for your photo shoot! Here are a few tips and answers to some frequently asked questions.

Preparing for your photo session

+ Clothing Selection

We believe that what you wear affects your stand, mood, comfort level, and the attitude you’ll bring to the camera.

Our Suggestion

We find solid colors often work best, avoid any large prints and patterns and extremely bright colors. Consider your skin tone when selecting the colors of your garments.

Clothes must fit well, be clean, and free of wrinkles. Keep accessories like jewelry, watches, wristbands, hair ornaments, etc. to a minimum.

+ Enhance Your Eye Color

To enhance and bring focus to your eyes we suggest the following color of garments, for:

Blue Eyes
  • Classic neutrals
  • All shades of pink
  • Deep blues
  • Lighter greens
  • Brown
  • Grey
Green Eyes
  • Earthy tones
  • Greys
  • Purple
  • Deep greens
  • Coral
  • Pale yellows
Brown Eyes
  • Khaki greens
  • Soft pinks
  • Deep blues
  • Rich blue hues
  • Gold
Hazel Eyes

  • Dark neutrals
  • Orange
  • Lavender
  • Burgundy
+ Preparation

Arrive with clean skin lightly moisturized, if you’re applying makeup your goal should be to achieve a natural even skin tone to cover any blemishes. We recommend that you follow your normal cleansing routine the night before and strongly suggest to avoid experimenting with any new skincare products or facials close to the day of your shoot. Arrive with clean and styled hair, we recommend clients to wash their hair the night before the photoshoot.

+ The Photo Session

Please arrive on time and not earlier as we may be finishing with another client. We keep a relaxed but professional environment and will create a fully collaborative working environment. At Uniquefolio there is no time limit per say. The photoshoot will continue as long as we are persistence in our pursuit of the perfect shot.

+ After The Photo Session

After the session you will receive an electronic email with a direct download link to all images upon payment in full, you will then have 15 days from the time the email is sent to retrieve your files. Only once payment is processed will you have full rights to use your pictures.

+ Re-Touching

Our re-touching services will touchup any pictures that have acquired red eyes, raised or textured blemishes, or to soften facial lines. Domenic will personally oversee all of the re-touching and apply the necessary adjustments.

+ Picture Perfect Day